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New Jersey Civil Service Commission Entry Level Exam 

It’s not about passing, it’s about excelling.

Most take the New Jersey Civil Service Commission’s Entry Level Exam with the idea that they just need to pass to be hired. But just one incorrect answer on the civil service exam can place your score below hundreds of qualified candidates, eliminating your chance to be considered for these limited positions. Candidates in today’s competitive job market can’t afford to reduce their chances when a fraction of a point could be the difference between a job becoming yours…or someone else’s.

Excelling in the Entry Level Exam is necessary to obtain the following positions:
Municipal Police Officer
Sheriff Officer
Campus Police Officer
County Correction Officer
Juvenile Justice Corrections Officer
Housing Police Officer
County Police Officer
Park Police Officer
State Ranger
Health Care Facility Police Officer
Palisades Interstate Park Police

Students review recent tests and learn test-taking strategies to help increase test scores. Course instruction includes the 10 areas of the test:

• Written Comprehension
• Written Expression
• Problem Sensitivity
• Deductive Reasoning
• Inductive Reasoning
• Information Ordering
• Spatial Orientation
• Mathematical Reasoning
• Selective Attention
• Personality Traits

Classes offer up-to-date training material, practice tests, proven test-taking strategies, email and phone support from our test prep instructors, and assistance in completing the CSC test application.

A position in law enforcement provides an opportunity to help others as no other job can. A career in law enforcement provides more than most jobs in today’s economy including: stability, exceptional pay, great benefits and a secure retirement.

Class are online, anytime at just $200
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